Managing High Technology Projects in Transportation
Sources of Comparable Costs Page 98
You will find helpful information on cost estimating from the following resources (each link will open up a new window. After reviewing the material, close the window to return to the course).
  • The Joint Program Office (JPO) Deployment Tracking Reports describe systems in 78 cities, and provide contacts for cost & schedule information. These data are available from the Joint Program Office website.

  • ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS). IDAS is a spreadsheet-type estimating program developed by the FHWA to help state, regional, and local planners estimate the benefits and costs of ITS investments. IDAS can currently predict relative costs and benefits for more than 60 types of ITS investments. IDAS and IDAS training are available from McTRANS and Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

  • System integrators and contractors are probably the best source since the other two cannot always account for all the factors.